Who We Are

From 1st July 2013, we have diversified our services and offer support to All the BME and New Emerging communities who have any form of mental health problems.

In the coming months we aim to expand our services and support individuals from the BME and new emerging communities in preventative work in relation to heart problems, diabetes and obesity.

Mental health, wellbeing and community engagement have been our traditional base of work. We provide one-to-one culturally specific advocacy and emotional support for BME and new emerging communities. We run group therapy sessions for individuals with any form of mental health difficulties. We have a team of “floating support” staff who provide both an outreach and in reach service to individuals on a weekly basis and give support on setting up, among other things, a home which is safe and secure. Their role is to help people with their wellbeing, to budget, manage debt, reduce social inclusion, further education, befriending,  look for employment (when they are ready) and ultimately make sure they can live independently. They do this by working in partnership with other agencies involved, providing a cultural specific support.. 

We can do these things because we are sensitive to the needs of our clients. We understand that ‘mental illness’ in the BME communities remains misunderstood, carries the stigma of being labelled ‘mad’ and is all but taboo. That’s why we fight to challenge this stigma and raise awareness of mental illness among the different communities and promote preventative work in this field.

We do this by making sure we continually consult with the service users and put them at the heart of everything we do. We encourage service users to strive for independence, empowerment and self-confidence.

What we’ve learned across the years is that unless we support our users from the moment they come to us then their condition will deteriorate. This means they may be eventually ‘picked up’ in secondary care services and/or psychiatric service. In other words: when it’s too late.

Community engagement is very important. We have worked closely with the NHS to address the critical needs of South Asian service users and their carers. We have worked with the University of Central Lancashire and other institutions to ensure that we remain relevant and aware of the needs of our service users. We were been commissioned to carry out research which has then been used to highlight the needs of South Asians to the NHS. Our service users have also given their views on how the NHS treats them and what they think of the new Equality Delivery System or EDS. 

We will continue to work closely with the statutory and voluntary sectors and advocate on behalf of the BME and New Eemerging communities.

We also provide a Personal Budgets Service to meet the cultural needs of individuals. We are accredited by Credibility to deliver this service. Click here for further details.