Wellness in Mind

AWAAZ is subcontracted to deliver a BME Culturally specific outreach service part of the Wellness in Mind service.

Wellness in Mind is a service for every community in Nottingham and can help family, friends and carers with mental health issues.

The service supports people with mental health issues and connects them to the services that may best help them. This could include access to other health related services, services that provide advice on housing, debt or employment issues, or simply linking people to other groups to help them feel less isolated and lonely.

By providing an open, non-stigmatising, positive and hopeful service, people will be able to address issues before they become problems, and find the right support for them.

Individuals can also have an assessment of their needs and additional support to access the services that can help them.

How can you access Wellness in Mind?

  • Online by going on www.wellnessinmind.org, which you can have access 24 hours a day. There is also a messaging service on the website, which enables you to write down how you're feeling and send it in to the service. A member of staff will then contact you by phone or email, which ever you prefer.
  • Via free telephone helpline 0800 561 0073, 9am-midnight seven days a week.
  • Face to Face via drop in service in Nottingham City, which is open 9am—5pm, Monday—Friday. If you prefer to talk to someone face to face about your mental wellbeing, you can drop in or make an appointment to talk to a support worker at a time that suits you.
Wellness in Mind