'Shared Voices'

AWAAZ has been contracted to undertake direct engagement with the BME (Black Minority Ethnic) and New Emerging Communities who have no experience of mental health problems. The project will coordinate and recruit volunteers with and without mental health problems, aiming at improving social, practical and communication skills, and conversations.

This project is funded by Time to Change which is England’s most ambitious programme to end stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems. This is an exciting campaign and this role will aim to change attitudes to mental health problems in our local community by engaging in hundreds of conversations.

Shared Voices will engage with people from Black and Minority Ethnic and New Emerging Communities to reduce stigma around mental health in the BME communities.

The aim of the project is to:

  1. Improve public attitudes and behaviour towards mental health issues which leads to more people (adults) facing less discrimination in relation to their mental health
  2. Improve the confidence and ability of people (adults) with mental health problems to take action to tackle stigma and discrimination
  3. Improve the confidence of people (adults) with mental health problems to engage in and contribute to the life of their community

Supported by the Change Makers volunteers, the Shared Voices projectplans (just needs a space) to have up 1000 conversations in community groups, community centres and faith groups amongst many others. We will also have conversations through social media and online. Ten volunteers with personal experience of mental health problems will work in teams of five to deliver 24 sessions with the public and in community settings to enable to have one-to-one conversations. The teams will work alongside volunteers with no personal experience of mental health. The volunteers will receive training, support, supervision and be steering group representatives.

If you are interested in volunteering for “Shared Voices”, please contact our office for further information.

Click here to visit the Time To Change website