How Do We Help

Regarding the personal budgets, we support individuals with some of the following:

AWAAZ Can Provide the Following:
An individually tailored response that will promote diversity, choice and independence in your local community.
We will provide people to meet your needs who have been DBS checked and trained to a high standard.
An assessor will visit you before the service starts and ask you about your needs
We offer choices to address your cultural needs about who works with you
We will provide a service for as long as you need
We offer a variety of services for example:

  • Managing your home
  • Budgets
  • Shopping
  • Attending appointments
  • Housekeeping, social inclusion, sitting service
  • Companionship, support with employment, volunteering, meeting your religious and cultural needs etc.


Our workers are multi-lingual. They are from the communities we serve and advocate for their clients. They provide a confidential service. They:

  • carry out assessments of clients referred to the service and facilitate the design of individually tailored culturally appropriate support packages as part of their care package
  • maintain a client assessment and monitoring system, ensuring outcome measures and performance indicators are developed systematically and reported on as part of the regular service monitoring procedures
  • provide support and assistance in setting up and maintaining a home, including referral to furniture project, organising utilities, advice and practical support on decoration support etc.
  • provide emotional support
  • provvide support in developing social skills,managing behaviour, particularly relating to mental health problems
  • provide support with establishing social contact, activities, advice and liaise on with statuary and voluntary organisations
  • provide support with managing finance and dealing with benefit claims
  • keep accurate case records and compile reports
  • compile statistical information in line with the monitoring requirements for the service
  • advocate on behalf of the individuals they support
  • promote the service to potential referrals and establish good working relationship with the service.

In a typical week they will see 18-20 clients on home visits or sometimes at the AWAAZ office, depending on where the client feels comfortable. These meetings consist of doing a full assessment of the client, i.e. finding out what their needs are, helping them with these needs and planning on how to achieve these objectives and goals. They help fill forms and speak to local authority on behalf of clients to make sure their needs are met and also the requirements are fulfilled. The most important service they provide is to provide emotional support to those who need it. This allows clear lines of communication, understanding clients lifestyles, attitudes and cultural / religious needs. Without AWAAZ's support simple things which would help people could well be ignored or take a long time to solve putting unnecessary strain on the service user.