AWAAZ “Voice” for All the BME and New Emerging Communities Formerly known as AWAAZ, Asian Mental Health Resource Unit

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AWAAZ is a registered charity that provides a mental health service to individuals from the BME and new emerging communities with a mental health problem. The organisation also provides self directed support for individuals from the BME communities.

History of AWAAZ

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AWAAZ means ‘voice’ in the three main Asian languages and our specific aim is to make sure mental health service users and their carers have a voice in the National Health Service. We are an established organisation and are trusted within the South Asian communities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire as a reliable support provider sure we provide support to those who have a mental health problem both in primary and secondary care.   

We became a charity in 2011 but have been in existence since October 1994. We started off in a small room in a building in the centre of Nottingham. Because of the growing demand for our services 200 Mansfield Road is now our home and we now support hundreds of service users and carers.