Our promise is to extend our networks and services. This will mean providing services other than mental health, such as coping with heart disease, obesity and diabetes, three of the biggest killers affecting the BME communities. We are also investigating how we can help other communities such as Travellers & Gypsies and the New Emerging communities such as Eastern Europeans and other minority groups.

How you can help?

We’re always looking for volunteers to help us make sure that those who need help most get the support they need. You don’t need to have any experience. Past volunteers have told us how much they gain from the experience of helping and befriending others. Please contact us at AWAAZ.

Fund raising

Charities like ours are always in need of funds. You can do it by becoming a sponsor, putting on corporate fund raising events or supporting us in other ways. What's in it for you? Apart from feeling great we can help you to publicise the fact that you really do care for your local community. You can promot your 'social responsibility' and be confident that you are contributing to your social return on investment (SROI). If you have ideas or experience of fund raising we'd love to hear from you.