Culturally Specific Self Direct Support / Personal Budgets

Self-Directed Support/Personal Budgets Service to meet your cultural needs

AWAAZ delivering culturally specific diverse range of care services for BME Adults since 1994.

AWAAZ provides a high quality Culturally Specific care service to people in their own home this is carried out by the delivery of general support, monitoring and that is constantly reviewed to achieve a standard of excellence that includes the principles of excellent care practice. This service supports individuals to live independently in their own home which helps to improve quality of life and promote health and wellbeing.

AWAAZ provides a consistently high standard of home care that will enable its clients to live safely and comfortably in their own homes, whilst maintaining their dignity and privacy. It is our aim to support individuals to achieve the best possible, quality of life whilst maintaining their independence.

AWAAZ Can Provide the Following:

An individually tailored response that will promote diversity, choice and independence in your local community.

We will provide people to meet your needs who have been DBS checked and trained to a high standard.

Once you have been assessed a trained staff member will visit you before the service starts and ask you about your needs which a care plan will be provided to you by the funding authority

We offer choices to address your cultural needs about who works with you and we will provide a service for as long as you need

We offer a variety of services for example:

  • Managing your home
  • Budgeting and financing
  • Shopping
  • Attending healthcare and other appointments
  • Housekeeping, Laundry, ironing, preparing meals, shopping
  • Social inclusion, Companionship
  • Social skills
  • Support with literacy
  • Managing correspondence, Benefits
  • Healthy exercise, walking and travelling
  • Practical support
  • Companionship, support with employment, volunteering, meeting your religious and cultural needs etc.

This is a paid service and funding can be required if you are eligible.

Funding for this service

You may be able to get funding from your local authority which will be your local Council Authority or the NHS (dependent on which criteria you fit), They would need to carry out an assessment to determine what type of care and support you would benefit from, and whether you are eligible for funding. If you have a social worker, they will inform you or you can ask your GP.

Your social worker can explain everything to you
If you are eligible for support from your local authority, a social worker will guide you through the ways in which they can help and explain the methods of funding that are available to you. Some information about local authority funding methods are given here. We work closely with local authorities and we can also help to explain the various funding methods to you when we give you details of our charges. If you will be paying privately, we will explain the various payment methods you can use. 

Local authority funding
If NHS funding is available in your local authority area, the main methods of funding are:

Personal budget

If your local Authority will allocate to you a personal budget you probably won't pay anything directly yourself. However, because it is important that you manage your budget, we will discuss with you how your local system works and what it allows for. The situation will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that you remain in control of your budget and how it is used. You can choose to draw your personal budget as direct payments. 

Direct payments
If you want to receive direct payments, they will be made directly to you by your local authority. You will then be responsible for making payments for your support by using that money. We will discuss with you a personal support plan that enables you to best manage your budget so that you can use it most effectively. It's a popular method because it gives you much greater control over how your support is planned and delivered